Join the movement Oregonians – Vote Yes on Measure 90

From the Vote Yes on Measure 90 website –  Join the movement! WHY AN OPEN PRIMARY? Measure 90, or the Oregon Open Primary is an election reform that makes all voters equal in all elections. The open primary would replace Democratic and Republican Party primaries with a unified primary election open to all voters. The […]

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Oregon Open Primary Update: 1 of 2 initiatives qualify

The signature gathering has concluded and one of two open primary ballot initiatives has qualified for the November 4th General Election.  Obviously, my advice is to get out and support this measure. Typically, the naysayers are Democrats who along with labor organized to defeat Measure 65 in 2008 and are mobilizing against this measure.   […]

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Oregon’s Unified Primary Initiative: Signature gathering begins

Will Oregon join Washington and California making all the west coast open primary states?   The signature gathering has begun and the clock is ticking.  If you are a registered voter in Oregon, please join us in getting this initiative on the ballot (view petition drive video below).  Making our primary inclusive of all voters […]

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Is Louisiana’s open primary really open?

Is Louisiana’s open primary system fair? As the non-affiliated, independent voter movement grows across the nation we’re going to find states where the system still locks us out of the electoral process or deliberately ttys to make it more difficult.  Can we count on Democratic and Republican leaders to open their state’s voting processes in […]

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Independent voters gather in Nevada

Add Nevada to the list of states where non-affiliated, independent voters are making their voices heard.   This is the home of Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid so I am hopeful that these groups can coalesce around some common ideas and make a difference in this state.   Sending Reid into retirement due to a […]

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Are open primaries in Florida on the way?

Will Florida follow California’s Lead with open primaries? California has an open primary and if Florida goes the whole nation will eventually follow.   It’s is a real battleground state with neither of the two major political parties holding an advantage over the other.  This will mean that both sides will have a say in which […]

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Independent voters protest Ohio’s closed primary elections

Non-affiliated voters across the nation are speaking out.  The independent voter movement is spreading and people are asking for their voices to be heard during primary season.  The news stories continue to pile up… state after state, this is not a fluke.  It’s a real phenomena and it’s time for you to join.  Stand up […]

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Non-affiliated voters: Texas

Interesting research from the University of Texas about how non-affiliated voters are trending in the Lone Star state.  Texas’ semi-open system is due for a major overhaul as the two major parties still monopolize the system. From the University of Texas: In Texas, concerns about voting and elections are colored by political changes in recent […]

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Here’s a group that has some serious funding and a solid foundation of established organizations that support independent voters in the United States.   The principals prescribed have resonated across the nation and we’re looking forward to the progress they make.  Take a look, consider joining, making a donation or volunteer to help.   We’ll […]

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